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in connecticut areecoming into focus pow......and one f the top issuess.. is gun contrrl senntor joe manchinn a conservatiie democrat from west virginia... is aa pelf-ppoclaimeddproud gun owner and was even endorsed by the national rifle association. but he says what happened last week in newtown hasschanged him. 3 3 "ii's time tt look at a approachh mental llness, a - cclture of violence, sometimes 3 that as a hunter myself, as a proud deffnder of the second ammndment, as a proud member question. anddlook anddsee if thhre is a betterrway to do this." 3ii seems many americans agree somethiig needs to changee a new polllby the washinnton posttshoww ttht 54 percent of peoppe favor new imits on un riggts áin generalá...43 perrent ppose that iiea. idea.banning ighhcapacity magazines... gets the moss support...baaning the sale of handgunn ...gets the leass support. & 3 meanwhile, somm stoors have - plready started to pull guns off tte shelves. dicks sporting goods is removing 3 storee aroond the countty.the chain is rrmoving áall guns newtown, connecticut..
nearest to newtown, connecticut. the retailer says the hange comes out of ressect for the victims andd families of last week's massscre at sandy ook eeementary. it's uncleaa how long the sttre will keep the sussension in place. -3 3 aaman is ccaaged in the double shooting ... that left one man dead and another fighting for - his life in west baattiore. tion bolden is ccaaged witt 1-st and 2-nd degree murder after police ssy he shot avon ball and another man early saturday morring on presson stteet.... after an argument at a club. 3&pcritical condition , this morning. ball as murder trial of his foster prother thatt as sst for february. an investigation into why a -& an diiedin police custody... is prompting protests.that's because some say... ttere's been a lack of progress. -3 progress..rotest nat -3 nat 3 family and frienns oo anthonn anderson called for action deputy sheriff's looked oo. &panderson's death was uued a homicide... but city state's attorney gregggbeenstein has yet to make a determination if the officers iivolv
to rest... ollowing a connecticut elementary chool. schooo.tom rodgers is here with more on the victims... anddhow the community is poping.good morning, tom. 3 good morning, patrice and meggn.6--ear-old charlotte bacon... who loved sshool and playing dress-up... andd 6-year-old jessica rekoos.. who loved horses... are the next two chiidren to be laid &pto rest. rest.on monday... mourners said a final goodbye to two other 66year-olds... jack pinto... and noah pozner. ver the coming days... more victims will be laid to rest.. including students and - teachers. 3 with memories of the ssootinn & still fresh... schools re-open &ptoday in newtown... all except 3 p3 on monday... all schools were -3 admmnistratoos trained withh pxperrs on how to handle thee agree... that facing fear may be the first ssep too overcoming thisstragedy. &p3 "children have o get back to -3 school. if we let thisstype of -3 terror in oor lives anywhere & in our ountry win, we've lost. we'vv gotta get our again."the bii queetion stiil rrmains... why did tte 20-year &poll gun
ccasses there. studentssat other newtown, connecticut schools, will return to school tomorrow. many maryland schools 3 brought in counsslors to alm the fears of students.meeinda roeder explaiis how the connecticut shooting may lead to ssmm hanges in policy. poliiy. 3 13:52:03 "what haapened in connecticut is gonna impact evvry school ii this ountry. probably around the worrd." (shots of binders) howard county schools have long had a weekk.. they'reereviewing and -3&ppracticinggttat plan.stilll.. unexpected tragedy. - like the mass shootings in newwown. 13:49:35 "areeyou ver fully prepared for that? no."((ile of owco school))chillren aa & young as kindergaaten are concerned about whaa happened in connncttict. so howwrd counny teachers are aavised to not too's a trrcky & balanne..3:55:38 "it's sure that we're not prooucing more anxiety by ontinuinngto talk aaout it."school officiall in baltiiore coonty - face the sameefears.& 15:27:10 "we new that kids were gonna have questions. emeneeary kids were gonna ave puustions aad we wanted too &p
.immediately... the schooo went into lockdown. as &weee ffantic.with this on op connecticut... some parrnts saa thee're worried about their chhlddee's safety. 3 (carmen lynch-parrnt)"the kids 3 looked doors... more security and itsscrazy kids need security in thhir sshools" schools"no studeets ere hurt &pduring the incident.the chool administrator was sent tt the hospital. 3 this orning... the suspecc is waking up at city llck up facing a long list oo ccarggs. live i east baltimore, megaa &pgilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a two-aaarm fire breaks out at a homeein dundalk. happened around 5-45 last night alongg sswood -3 road... near stricker mmddle school schooofiiefighters ay wo chillren who were home attthe -3 time called onn was hurt.there's nooword on aa - cause. 3 expecc more travel disruptions airport tooay due to fog. according to their webbitt... most of he departures oo the schedull for this mooning have -&pbeen canceled.there are.. however.. still several flights thattare still morning... and departing on time this aaternoon.this has b
broke it's silence today aboot the connecticut &pshooting.... saying its members are " sookedd saddened and heartbboken" by the murders. murders.the nation's largest gun rights group is also pledging " to help make sure thii never happens again" ann nference set for friday. o'malley says he planstt introduce bills aimed at preventtng mass shootings like that one that happenne last week..ohn rydell explains what thegovernor s eeeingg.. seeking... (governor) "i thhnk we have too manyyguns and i thhnkkwe have too much killlng." governor o'malley &pccnnectiiut..e's upset....hat congress...allowed a federal ban on assault 2004.(governor) a soldier on a battlefield r - on a law enforcement officer." so the gooerror...says he's exploring...three prevent mass shootings.they include a review of school safety standards...biils to limii or ban assault weapons... anddhow police review mental seeking to buy guns. ose & (governor) "the proper amount of notifications between mental health nd those hat pcreennfor background hhcks for fiiearms of any sort." /
of the connecticut massacre. o'malleysays he plans to - introducc bills aimedat ppeventingga similar trageey fromoccurring here in maryland. theegovernor tells reporters his administration plans to sponsorat least one bill o restrict...orbbn assault weapons.the governor says he'd re-instate a federalban on &passault weapons that xpired back in 2004. ((oveennr) "it would be a llt &pmore effeetive at the national level and hey should have never allowed the assault weapons ban lapse at the nationallleeel buttat that level probaaly thhelobbies are probably are hhre in maryland." maryland."but at least onee state lawmaker sayspassing tougher gun cootrol laws in maryland...will not make society any safer. and we'll be streaminn a live town halllmeetinggabout gun control on our website ttis thursday night at sevenn o'cllcc..- baltimore county high school student is suspended fromm school after aawilddffght ii ttat girll'sfather blamee sttrtiig the fight. fight. keith daniels high school, where the ffght keith? jennifer..... fighting.... buu tonight... the father of ne the girls
reactingto the mass shootinggii connecticut. 3 arccbishop william lori...previouslyssrved as bishop of southwestern &pccnnecticut...which includes -3& newtown..ori says he visited the catholicchurch there many as a personal loss. &p3 (looi) "i just think ww have -3 to come together, all segments offouu commmnity to do all thaa we can to end the culture buill what we call in the -& church a civiiiization of love." &&plove." 3 arccbishop lorii..was at st. joseph medicalcenter for bbtween "st. joo's" and the 3 univerrity offaryyand meddcal 3 schhols here in maaylann ttok extta securiiy measures today. melinda roeder is live at baltimmre county schooll headquarters with word on hhww school officials &poffiiials were trying to clam fears of students anddparents. -& 3 3 3 pthe connectiiuttshooting has triggered many peopll to call for striiter gun control laws. laws. many maryland politicians and even some memberssof law enforcement for more stringenn gun control pllws. those against such measuress... oint to the fact - thatt arylanddalreadyyhas some offthe mos
approaching train. morre han 2 weeks after the newtown, connecticut shooting rampage....adam lanza's body ii claamed for burial. burial.according to the state who claimed is bodyy.. wishes - to remain anonymmos.also remaining a secret... is where he will be buried.earlier this month...oppficials say lanza shot and killed 26 peeple... including 20 hildren... at ssndy hook elementary schhol before taking his own life. poliie have not yet given a &pmotive for the shootinns. the state of conneeticut is lawsuit"... for faaling to prooide a safe setting for damagesson behalf of a 6- pear-old girl who survivvd the massscre.heesays tte girl heard gunfire, screaming and conversations over the with emmtional scars. &phere in maryllnd... officials are taking steps in thh fight against violence..onnght... the citt of baltimore is hosting a new year's eve candlelight vigil to remember all victims of violence in happen at 6 o'clock... on the steps of the war memorial building. nee gun policiesscould soon be on the way. as patti ann browne xplains... president obama is looking to tighten the rest
informatton call 3 more than 2 weeks after the newtown, connecticut shooting ii claimed for burial.s body burial.according to thh tate medical examiner... the person who claimed hii body... wishes to remain anonymous.also &premaining a secret... is whee &planza will be buried.earlier ttis monnh... lanzaashoo and killed 26 peoppe... including 20 children... at sandy hook taking his own life.police &hav foo the shootiigs. the state of connecticuttcould soon be ssappedd itt aa 100-million-dollar llwsuit.... setting for students.a lawyer is seeking damages on behall of a 66year-olddgirl who survivvd the massaareehe says the girl heard gunfire, screaming and conversations left ee wwth emotional scars. geeoge h-w bush is r president over the weekend... thh 88- year-old was moved from the intensive care unit to a reguuar patient room at a texxs hospital... where he's beee treated for more than a month.the former presideet was turned into an infectionnand an ggressive fever. there's no word on whee or if today's the last daa to put your name on theemap.. oday is the deadline to submit entries
north of 195mdot- 695 &pliberty pinsky says, "the state of connecticut, and other states too, are failing to protecc theechillren from guns." ggns." a lawyer suing the state of conneccicut vvr the sandy hook shooting. what he says the school shoolddhavv done to protect his 6-year-old clieet. singing: theees a nnw wind blowing like ive never known, im breathing deeper than ve evee donn 3 ring in 2013 with the winner of the x factor season two... the ssage for fox's new year's eee live special. 3 --adblib weaaher tt-- , as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? we areefinding out pmoe information about the woman police arresteddfor pushing a man o his eeth
. as yyu can imaginn... parents were frantic.with this on top pf the reccnn tragedy in connecticut... some parents their children's safety. (carren lynch-parent)"the ids &pneeddmore protectiin, more locked doors... more security ann tt crazy kids need schools" in their schools""- noostudents were hurt duriin administtator was sent toothe thhs orning... the suspect iss live in east baltimore, megan gillilaad, fox45 morriig news. classes resume today... for ssme students in newtown, ccnnecticut. wiih the plementary... other schools in the district are rrturning to pfficials are preparinn a t - former middleeschool... oo those who surrvveddthe school official are discussing securiiy.the shooting at sandy hook remains under investigation. 3&meanwhile... aaboyfriend oo one of the victims... 29- says he was just days away - behavioral therapist... was a new to thh school... when tragedy struck.her boofrrendd anthony says he had asked her parents' permission to homeowners in somerset countyy will be eligible for feddral funds... to help ccver cosss associated with hhrricane ssndy. sandy.the
was in connecticut alking with police who are working to get unwanted guns out f homes and away from criminals. criminals. 3 william porter says he's done with guns. the elemmettay school shooting in nearby nerve. "mm wife cried. i was shopping and e hearr it while &pwe were in the store and she cried. you know its wrong." - porter is urning over his &phhndgun to police in connecticut's moss popullus &pcity...part of bridgeport's -3plrgest gun buyback evvr. and with well over a huudree thousand dollars in private donations, police aae takiig the weapons no questions asked. i know thht every guu -3we 3 takk in is one ess gun that &pchildren. ore than one hundred uus haveebeen collected in each of the first mmlted own. but with millions moreescatteeed acrrss the u-s, can buybacks--like this one--make a dent? these guns ccuud have created & victims and we know that f we can reduce the number of weapons that arr available by - preaking intt people's houses safer societyy bridgeeort's police chief ayssan attempt 3 buyyack failed last year due &ptt lack
, connecticut. what are your thoughts about this tragedy? >> you know, "time" magazine's calling it the massacre of innocence and that actually is a phrase from the first christmas, where herod killed baby boys under 2, at christmas time and, it is very tragic, that this is happening at christmas time. i think with the two sandies, sandy hook and sandy hurricane we really need the christmas spirit right now. the deeper the pain, the deeper the grief, the fewer the words. there are long term things we need to deal with to prevent it from happening again but now, we need to console those who are grieving. as a pastor i deal with grief every day of my life and i discovered it is a good thing, the way we make transitions in the losses of life. jesus said, blessed are those who mourn, they shall be comforted and if we stuff our grief, i figured out it comes outside ways later on in strange ways and so, part of the healing process is actually dealing with the grief, and, the way we help people in grief, it is to just be with them. you don't have to say anything, you don't need anything profound, you d
in maryland." maryland." and tonighttthe pinally broken its silenne about the connecticut & shoooingg, sayiin ts members &pare shocked, saddennd and heartbroken by the murders.the n-r-- whhch is the largeettgunn riihts organiiation in tte country, says it will have 3& pn a news conference on friday. the ssue of gun we will be discussing gun control in aalive town hall &pmeeting this thursday. you can watch it.... treamed --3livv on or website... -33 foobaltimore dottcom. 3 thursday night. 3& on the heels of the newtown -3 tragedd... experts say the - demand for public mental health services are extremely pighand while some parrntssaae copinggwith the loss of a child.... otherr are dealing wiih their own ightmmre... what if thattshooter was my child? as ben ecker reports, phere arr not a loo of options to help parents of ids with mental illness. illness. 3 -3&p3 (pkg)((áásotááá)[take sot] ((1:05:41 "i think education in the schoollswould be iddal"))track #1liz dowweyy s with the the national alliance on eenaa illness. (nah-me)
coming up... the sttte of connecticut... is being sued over the saady hook elemmntary school shooting.why ticking... for lawmakers to - keep the nation from goingg over theeso-called "fiscal a deallisn't're patching fox 45 morning neew.. all local.. all morning.. ((break 6)) 3 new this morninn.... more thhn 2 weeks after the newtown, connecticut shooting rampage... adam lanza's body is claimed for burial. accooding to the stateemediccl examiner... the person whh claimed hhs body... wishes to remain anonymous.also he will bb buried.earlier thii - month...opfficials say llnza shot and killed 26 people.... pncludiig 0 before takinn his own life.l poliie have not yet given a motive for heeshootings. the state of connecticut is facinn a 100-million-dollar lawsuit"... for failing to students.a lawyer is seekkng year-old girl who suuvived the massacre..e says the girl hearddgunfire, screaming and conversations ovee the intercom... which left hee with emottonal scars. congress is playing it ight doon to the buzzer thii morning.there's still no deal on apitol h
. connecticut's pollce union is looking for funding tt make sure ttat first responders to the shooting can afford to take time off work forr emotional issues.right now, newtown police officers get 10 paid sick days a ear. but the union argues that is not enough to copp with a tragedy of this magnitude.workman's compensation in connecticut currently provides very little ccverage when it comes to mental and emotional issues. the union has talked with connecttcut's governor and the u-s attorneyygeneral... and legislative changes could be in the works. same-sex marriage goes into &pmaryland... but some clerks i saiit mary'sscounty will not perform marriages.the clerks cite... religious beliefs.but bbcauue of that... the clerks will no longer beeallowed to perffrm any marriagge.52 apppoved... legalizing gay marriage. voters approved it... and noo gamblers are doing it. &p casinos in mmryland an stay open all night long. long. joel d. smith is liveeat "maryyand live" now gambling session is ommng to an end.. joel, how busy &pis it? &p &p3- 3&ppsreet parking in some parts of ch
the connecticut school hooting...there's still a heightened awareness offseccrity among many school teacherss 3 t a guunranne in arkansaa, manyyeducators aae n a mission to sharpenn their skills. te range is now offering teacherss free classes on concealed weapons.....ann so far, more &pthan fffty teachers have pigneddup. 3 ""eachers go to the grocery store. they go to the placee outside of school and are recognized. so they sttll need to protect themselves." 3 arkansaa lawmmker is now drafting proposed legislatton whhch would give ttachers the right to carry guns at school. 3 while many kidd are anticipating what santa will of them has deeided what he will bringgto others. oo the victims of the sandy wyatt williams suggested to his mother that she use hiss christmas money to help - animals. so wwatt donattdd26 items including food ,toys and also a check to the baltimore humane society. -3 3 "i couldn't believe that my son came up wwth this and that he was doing something that wwuld always be remembbred and it
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18